A Look At CNA Certification

by Cna Certification on February 9, 2011

Many people who are thinking about the nursing profession as a career field, find that working as a CNA gives them the experience and exposure they need to make a decision about whether or not they want to invest in the more rigorous training required to become a nurse. The requirements for CNA certification are different for each state, so it will be helpful to check with your Department of Health to learn what specific requirements you must meet to be eligible to take the examination to become certified.

The program to learn Certified Nursing Assistant skills are provided through many sources and the overall program is relatively short. During the program an individual will have both classroom and on-hands training in a care facility. Since there is a growing demand for CNAs in all areas of health care, an individual who completes the certification process will have job security and mobility throughout their career.

In order to be eligible to take the state examination an individual must meet a minimum requirement for the number of hours that training that takes place. The coursework will include anatomy and physiology, nutrition, body mechanics, infection control, patient care and client rights.

Students also learn basic medical math calculations and may be taught CPR and how to use some emergency equipment. Individuals who are already certified often will be given opportunities to expand their knowledge and training so that they provide more complex assistance to RNs and LPNs as part of their regular duties.

The Certified Nursing Assistant works under the supervision of a Registered Nurse or Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN). Some students participate in a National Certification Program conducted by the NNAAP (National Nurses Aide Assessment Program). This program is designed to fit the requirements of each state.

An individual may take get the required training while working on the job. Some long-term care facilities offer training for Nurses Assistants to become certified. This training is provided by RNs or LPNs and is normally offered during the workday to staff who want to take the exam. Contacting the state Department of Health to learn about the requirements for alternative training programs will give you the information you need regarding how to be eligible for testing through an onsite training program.

The pay scale for individuals who complete pass the examination and become Certified Nursing Assistants is primarily based on the location you work and years of experience. Many people who want to pursue their nursing degree find that starting as a CNA provides them with experience and a stable income while they are attending classes for Nursing programs.

When you are choosing the program to achieve your CNA certification, it will be helpful to talk to individuals who have already been through the program and discuss their experiences with the provider they chose. It will also be very beneficial to do some research on the school to make sure they meed the federal and state requirements to provide the training. By working with a reputable and dependable school, you will get the training that you need to pass the examination successfully and begin your career in the nursing field.

Cna Training

by Cna Certification on February 8, 2011

A Quick Look At CNA Training

A person who enjoys helping others, is considering whether or not to enter a nursing career, or wants to have flexibility and mobility in their career choice, will find that CNA training is a great way to accomplish these goals and have the opportunity to work in different health care settings. The CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant), plays a vital role in care facilities and in helping older people who need assistance but wish to stay in their home, the ability to stay independent.

Coursework And Certification

A person who wants to become a Certified Nursing Assistant can choose from many programs that are designed to get you through the coursework and practical training required to take the certification examination. For most of the programs, you will be required to have a high school diploma or GED, but the program itself is for certification and does not require an upper level degree.

The courses taught for certification include patient care standards, rights and responsibilities, daily care of patients including bathing and feeding, use of basic medical equipment and emergency procedures. Some programs will include CPR and the use of cardio equipment. The classroom and practical training will normally take from 6-12 weeks to complete through a dedicated program or may take longer if courses are taken through a community college.

Upon completion of the program, you will qualify to take the certification examination. This exam may be given by the school, the Department of Health in the state where you reside, or you may be certified through the NNAAP (National Nurse Aide Assessment Program).

Job Outlook And Pay Scale

The need for Certified Nursing Assistants is growing rapidly. With 28% of baby boomers reaching their golden years, the need for assistance is expected to grow over the next several years. This job offers both stability and security and allows you to focus on the area that interests you the most. Many people want to stay independent as long as possible and will employ a Certified Nursing Assistant to come to their home to provide assistance during the day. Other areas where you will find these individuals is long-term health care facilities, rehabilitation facilities, and specialty care facilities.

The pay for a CNA will range from $20,000 – $48,000 annually depending on the location and years of experience of the individual. Many people who are interested in a nursing career begin as a CNA to get experience in the field before investing in the education required for a Nursing Degree.


After completing CNA training, there are many directions that you can go in the healthcare field. In many cases, people will use this certification as the first step on their way to entering higher levels of healthcare. The job is challenging and gives you the flexibility to further your education while maintaining a well paying job.

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